Binet Rouge Apple Trees

  • Precocious
  • Heavy Cropper
  • Hardy to Zone 4

Binet Rouge is a traditional French cider apple. It is one of the varieties authorised for use in the production of cider classified in the “appellation d’origine controlee” of the Pays Auge, in the region of Normandy.

It is not the easiest of varieties to grow, but it produces a very high quality bittersweet juice. It is a staple for French cider and Calvados (apple brandy) makers, producing a high quality aromatic bittersweet juice that ferments to roughly 8% alcohol.

Binet Rouge is a weak-growing but relatively heavy-cropping variety, and well-known as a biennial bearer. It is important to prevent it setting too much fruit in the “on” year. Binet Rouge is late blooming and flowers over a long period and is commonly used for pollination of other cider varieties

Height of tree when mature:

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