Golden Russet Apple Trees

  • Very High Sugar
  • Hardy to zone 4

One of the great family orchard apples of 19th century America. Crisp, aromatic, sub acid, creamy yellow flesh with great flavor and legendary sugary juice. Today it retains a keen following for the excellent quality of its juice, which is used for cider and hard cider production. Considered to be one of the best cider apples of all time.

The fruit is medium-sized, russeted skin, varying from grey-green to bronze with a copper-orange cheek. The flesh is fine grained and crisp, with sugary juices that produce a full bodied cider with a rich aroma. High sugar and moderate acidity, low tannin, Golden Russet produces an ideal base juice for cider blending. A good keeper, stays sweet, hard, nutty and crunchy throughout the winter. The flavor is typical of a russet apple but rather more intense than the traditional English St. Edmunds Russet or Egremont Russet – more similar to Ashmeads Kernel. Golden Russet is usually considered to have the best flavor of all American russet apples.

Golden Russet is medium vigour, scab and cedar apple rust resistant. Ripens late October, best for eating between October-March. Ripe fruit hangs on the tree until frost, fruit stored properly keeps until April. Hardy to zone 4. Bears mostly on the tips of branches.

Height of tree when mature:

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