Hudson’s Golden Gem Apple Trees

  • High Sugar
  • Aromatic
  • Hardy to Zone 3

Hudson’s Golden Gem is one of the best-flavored russet apples. The fruits are quite large, with a pale green skin which is usually extensively covered with a light russet. This is a super-crisp apple with strong pear notes, a faint nutty quality, and a hint of vanilla. It is a great fresh-eating, baking and cider apple.

Like many russets, it has an interesting sweet juice quality which is very useful as a base for cider blending.

Hudson Golden Gem is an unknown seedling discovered in a fencerow in Tangent, Oregon in 1931.

These conical apples are medium to medium-large and obviously ribbed. The russetting, like that of other varieties, is a treat to look at: rusty, toasty brown and not entirely opaque, creating subtly shifting colors wonderfully variegated. Green-brown lenticels, some with light specks in their centers, provide further visual interest. Some samples have a bit of coppery blush.

The tree is vigorous, productive, and an annual bearer. Quite resistant to apple scab, powdery mildew and rather tolerant to fire blight. It will remain small regardless of rootstock. Hudson Golden Gem ripens in October in upstate New York, and fruit hangs late into the winter, ideal for wildlife planting. Stores well. Hardy to zone 3.

Hudson’s Golden Gem has a fairly wide climate range, and is suitable for both cool and warm areas, including southern California.

Height of tree when mature:

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