King David Apple Trees

  • Bittersharp
  • Rich apple aroma persists through fermentaion.
  • Suitable for organic agriculture
  • Heavy Cropper
  • Hardy to zone 5

Intense sweet/tart flavor, fair keeper, but its most remarkable characteristic is the flavor it contributes to cider. More of the apple flavor persists through fermentation than with almost any other apple. It also develops tannins, particularly in cooler summer climates, contributing a nice soft astringency to it’s juice.

The fruit is good for fresh eating, cooking, and cider making. Fruit is medium to large, rounded and often ribbed at the stem end. The skin is pale green overlaid with deep red and dark red stripes and is sometimes greasy to the touch. The firm yellow flesh is crisp, firm and juicy. Ripens October to December.

In 1893, a single tree was found growing along a fence row on the farm of Ben Frost in Durham, Arkansas. it was bought and trademarked by Stark Bro’s Nursery in 1902 and sold to commercial growers as a substitute for Jonathan. Thought to be a cross of Jonathan x Winesap or Jonathan x Arkansas Black.

The tree is a late bloomer and quite disease resistant.

Height of tree when mature:

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