Wickson Crab Apple Trees

  • High Acidity
  • High Sugar
  • Heavy Cropper
  • Hardy to zone 4

Wickson Crab has been called the perfect cider apple, spicy, with extraordinary sweetness and a pronounced acid tang. Reputed to make wonderful single varietal champagne cider. The Wickson apple is good for fresh eating, in desserts, and for juice. Wickson Crab apples contain plenty of pectin and are therefore useful in the kitchen for jams and jellies.

Wickson Crab was bred by Albert Etter specifically for cider production. Albert Etter named this apple after E.J. Wickson, distinguished California pomologist, who was his friend and mentor.

The fruit is small, yellow-red, dense, has high brix and acid content, and is approximately 1 – 2″ in diameter.

This tree is very hardy and mostly problem free. Wickson crab trees are vigorous and heavy croppers, with fruit bearing heavily on first and second year growth in garlands. Early to mid-bloom, ripens in October in upstate New York. It has a wide climate range, and is suitable for both northern areas and warm climates such as southern California. Wickson is likely hardy to zone 3.

Height of tree when mature:

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