Redfield Apple Trees

  • Bittersharp
  • Good for single varietal cider
  • Red fleshed fruit
  • Hardy to zone 3

Redfield is one of the few apples that can make a credible, complex single varietal cider with a wonderful balance of acids and tannins.

It’s key feature is its distinctive deep red flesh, a color that communicates itself to the final cider. Very tart, aromatic and astringent, not recommended for fresh eating. Produces an exceptional jelly, blood red cider, or vinegar. Makes a unique pie as well, but it is most commonly used in production of a beautiful, bittersweet, dry, blush cider.

Redfield is a unusual cross of Wolf River x Malus pumila “Niedzwetzkyana”, produced by the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, NY, 1938. dates to 1939 and is a cross between a Wisconsin heirloom called Wolf River and a tree from Kyrgyzstan–the most likely ancestor of the domestic apple–called Niedzwetzkyana.

The tree is uniquely red as well – wood is red, leaves are bronze, blossoms are large and pink. Resistant to most diseases, easier and more reliable to grow than many red-fleshed apples. Hardy to zone 4.


Height of tree when mature:

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