Michelin Apple Trees

  • Bittersweet
  • Easy to Grow
  • Hardy to Zone 4

Michelin is a traditional French hard cider apple variety producing a medium bittersweet juice. Its juice is aromatic, dark and very plentiful because the apples are incredibly juicy.

Michelin is a good choice if you are new to growing cider-apples, as it is partially self-fertile, heavy-cropping, starts bearing from a young age, a reliable annual cropper, it’s quite easy to grow.

The Michelin apple was around in France in the late 1700s. Cider apple varieties tend to remain in use primarily in their area of origin but Michelin was imported to England in 1872 and became popular for its ability to produce buckets of juice that could be used to bulk out some of the less prolific croppers like Kingston Black.


  • Picking season: Late
  • Uses: Cider
  • Cropping: Heavy
  • Keeping (of fruit): 2-3 weeks
  • Fruit persistence: Fruit drops when ripe
Height of tree when mature:

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