Bramley’s Seedling Apple Trees

  • High Acidity
  • Heavy Cropper
  • Hardy to zone 4

Bramley’s Seedling is the definitive English “cooker” – an apple variety used mainly for cooking purposes. Bramley is well-known for its rich sharp acidity – it has one of the highest acid contents of any apple variety. The copious juice and high acidity makes Bramley’s Seedling a valuable apple for cider production.

Bramley’s Seedling is a very vigorous triploid variety – it has three sets of chromosomes rather than the more usual two. Its triploid nature can be seen in the strong dark coloured leaves, thick branches, and large apples. Bramley’s Seedling is quite easy to grow, its great vigour and natural disease resistance means it usually throws off problems fairly easily.

As a triploid variety, Bramley’s Seedling is not able to pollinate other apple varieties, but ironically it has attractive and prolific pink-flushed blossom. The fruit ripens late in the season, and stores very well.

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