Brown Snout Apple Trees

  • Bittersweet
  • Heavy Cropper
  • Hardy to zone 5

Brown Snout is a traditional English hard-cider variety, producing a sweet, slightly astringent juice and makes a mild to medium bittersweet cider.

The name for this apple derives from the distinctive “brown eye” at the base of the apple. Brown Snout was discovered in 1850 on the farm of Mr. Dent of Yarkhill, Herefords in England. It was subsequently widely propagated by the H. P. Bulmer company of Hereford, and was planted in orchards across the west Midlands and, less commonly, in parts of the West Country. The Brown Snout remains a popular cultivar in traditional cider making.

A self fertile tree which is susceptible to fireblight. Fruit is small, greenish to greenish-yellow in color with patches of russet and a brown russet eye at the calyx end of the fruit. It makes a medium-sized tree with a stiffly upright habit. Ripens in October to November depending on location.

Height of tree when mature:

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