Holstein Apple Trees

  • Aromatic

Holstein was discovered by chance in Germany around 1918. Holstein is thought to be a Cox seedling, but many of its characteristics seem to hark back to Ribston Pippin (the probable parent of Cox). Deep cream flesh, slightly coarse-textured, juicy, with an intense rich aromatic flavour which often surpasses that of Cox. Very good for cooking, as well as for fresh eating. Holstein is a great keeper, able to retain its qualities for a full five to six months after harvest if properly refrigerated. One of the favorites at apple tastings.

Excellent base apple for cider blending, producing an intensely aromatic, orange-yellow coloured juice.

Trees are vigorous with a spreading nature and produce many fruiting spurs. Like Cox, Holstein is somewhat disease prone, but its natural triploid vigor means that it usually crops heavily anyway. The main horticultural difficulty is that its attractive blossom is easily damaged by frost, so this is not a tree to plant in a frost pocket or areas prone to late spring frosts.


Height of tree when mature:

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